Saturday, 21 April 2012



I have been breeding crossbills for 4 years and what a joy they are, here on this site i will share the knowledge that i have learnt in that time.

I breed my crossbills in 4ft by 6ft by 6ft but known some people that breed them in a lot smaller flights in the UK and across the water in Belgium and Holland ,Germany, Austria, Italy.

I find that alot of people in other countries also keep different types of Crossbills. Most of there aviary’s in Holland and Belgium are shut away from the outside weather ,not all but most. But I’m not a lover of this as I like see good moulted birds,and healthy from all the fresh air .Having four aviary’s that face towards the east wind  works for me.

It makes them good and strong they have some shelter and the roof is covered but I find by keeping  the birds this way they  are full of life.

I have never given any medication to these birds as I find as long as they have the right food and clean water everyday in the aviary they dont need it.                                                                                                                                                 

I have known these birds to start breeding in Feb, till December but I like my birds to

Start breeding March on wards and stop breeding by June - July time, as I like early young birds only. I put no water for the young in the flights the only time the young drink is when they are able  fly to the drinker.

I take the young away once I’m happy they are eating and there beaks are starting to cross.

Normally they have 3-4 chicks in each nest and i ring them at 5-6 days old. I do cover the ring with a plaster .


In 2013 I’m going to start showing my birds and i hope to do well. Once I’m happy with my birds it’s on the cards that they will be taken to shows like  the golden ring  and the world show  .


Having learnt very quickly the best results in breeding these birds is lots of pine cones and small pine nuts ,larch seed high protein.